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One potential side effect of receiving a lap dance. After a lap dance the stripper's makeup, scent, and glitter are all transferred to your clothes and body. Impossible to remove in less than 24 hours.
Rod: Want to hit up a strip club, maybe Flashdancers or New Century?

Brock: Can't bro.

Rod: C'mon, chicks give full-contact lap dances. Awesome.

Brock: Not gonna happen. If I come home covered in stripper glitter again the girlfriend will freak.

Rod: You suck.
by akarod September 01, 2009
An ESPN cult catchphrase used to describe relatively strong and/or fast college football players. Must be immediately followed by highlights of that player bursting through the line of scrimmage, breaking multiple tackles, or upending a would-be blocker. Herbstreit or Mark May are the likely sources
Mark Maystreit: I want to talk about Jacquizz Rodgers, the Sophomore running back from Oregon State. Not only does he have excellent game vision and patience in reading his blockers, he also possesses that rare explosion ability that makes him a threat to go-the-distance in any situation.
by akarod September 22, 2009
bartender thats a total slut
Rod: i hired a hot bartender for my party last night.

Brock: thats cool. love hot bartenders, was she a whore though?

Rod: total slut: i banged her, than still had to pay her the next morning for working the night before...

Brock: total bartendwhore...i hope u wrapped it up..
by akarod February 28, 2012
A girl you hire as a bartender for your house party but she ends up being a whore.
Brock: Dude, the bartender at your party last night was hot.

But was she a whore?

Rod: Yes, a tremendous whore. She stayed over I destroyed her then I paid her in the morning.

Brock: Bartendwhore. They’re amazing.
by akarod February 28, 2012
older guy that lusts college chicks
Brock: Hey Rod, a girl born in 1985 just friended me on F’book.
Rod: Sweet.

Brock: Just think. Duke's incoming freshman class was born in '90-'91.

Rod: Umm. That’s a bit creepy dude. Don’t end up in a database.

Brock: Yeah, well… my formula is my age… divided by 2, plus 7.

Rod: Yeah, you’re still a perv… Gray ballz
by akarod September 03, 2009
passing off a chick to your buddy
Rod: That slut won't leave me alone, been all over me all night. She's on a mission to get laid.
Brock: So what's the problem?
Rod: wife on her way. Can't have a chick like that all over my nutz. Gonna talk you up now then I'm bailing.
Brock: Bounce pass. Nice.
Rod: Don't blow the lay up guy.
by akarod November 14, 2011
Literally a guy with nutz the size of a squirrel's... Too scared to pull the trigger.
Brock: See that girl at the end of the bar?

Rod: Yeah

Brock: Total smokeshow.

Rod: Go talk to her. She's hot, seems normal too.

Brock: Nah, think I'm just gonna hang here. She probably has a boyfriend.

Rod: Who the f*ck cares, Squirrel Nutz.
by akarod September 01, 2009

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