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3 definitions by ak.shif

Boun or Bounch has to be said with feeling for it to sound right.. its another way of saying What Ever!!

Slang word in Birmingham

Ullah-man says it the best...
That Top looks fake "Bounch" wot u onna bout fake
by ak.shif September 03, 2009
1 7
If somesones scarny it means there ugly..
That gurls scarny...
by ak.shif September 03, 2009
1 8
B.P. for all the Bengalis is short for Bunni Power... it is translated Breast Power its used to describe women with Big Boobs
Kash: B.P. alert bp alert

Modhu: Where

Kash: to ur left

Modhu: Yaw thats wot i call BP
by ak.shif September 03, 2009
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