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My lovely friend, she's cute, sweet, cuddly, and yet such a wannabe whore. Her name is Bunni because, that's what the team named her, she's a perverted cutie, and we don't know how to spell
Omy god, did you see Bunni's ass? It's so bootylicious!
by stephanie February 11, 2005
A great wonderfull angel who you love with all your heart.
Guy: your my heart

Girl: well your my BuNNi
by L Bear July 07, 2010
Some one i know!
She gose to College!
by James "Mr X" Smith January 17, 2004
a girl named Michelle Kim that wears pigtails and hops around like a bunny. She is a crazy asian. Some type of dancer or tomboy. She is a stupid ass! jpjp.. -_____-;;
bunny goes hop hop hop

P.s. please don't kill me
by ... don't ... killl... me June 02, 2003