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4 definitions by ajmason87

Nickname of Australian singer John Farnham.
I just went to an amazing Farnsy concert!
by ajmason87 July 17, 2006
An derogatory way to refer to New Zealanders, suggesting that they have sex with rams. Derivative of sheep shagger.
New Zealander: We win the rugby again

Australian: Piss off ram rooter
by ajmason87 July 17, 2006
a situation or an event so catastophic that it results in great unpopularity.
Person 1: See that oil spill from BP, what a ruddfuck.

Barack: Yeah.
by ajmason87 June 08, 2010
A typically easy catch, especially in sports such as cricket and baseball, usually worthy of ridicule if dropped
I can't believe he dropped that, it was a sitter!
by ajmason87 July 17, 2006