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1. The name you call someone who "pimps out" or "tricks out" their ride.

2. Slang term for people who ride crotch rockets.

3. People who wish they were as cool as those dudes in such horrible wastes of movies like "Fast and Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious and Torque, Biker Boyz..etc"
"Lookit this dude in his tricked out Honda! Toreiorque!"
by Aight March 21, 2004
stating a phrase that doesn't make sense
...see Andrei
Andrei on his own cell phone: Hey what's up....oh shit! I think I left my cell phone at the bowling alley.
Other person: ummm...you are talking on your cell right now..duh!
by aight September 08, 2004

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