1 definition by aidenraine

(griggs -ed -ing) verb

1. A rodent of unusually large size.

2. narcing on someone in an advantageous position.

3. not washing ones hands after using the bathroom, despite how dirty they may be. including having fecal matter on them.

4. dirtying community food, such as a bag of chips by licking your fingers and rummaging around contaminating the rest of the bag.

5. discreetly attempting to hide the fact of farting/sharting/crapping yourself in public, and acting like nothing happened, regardless of the smell.
1. Dude, check out the size of that rat. it's a total griggs.

2. Man 1: late to work, but lucky for me I got here before the boss.
Man 2: I'm totally griggsing you.

3. You have some crap on your hands, go wash them and stop being such a griggs.

4. Man 1: You just griggsed my doritos, you jerk!
Man 2: it wasn't intentional!

5. Man 1: You just griggsed your pants, didn't you? it reeks!
Man 2: you can't prove anything.
by aidenraine September 24, 2012

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