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Double-barrel 12 gauge blue steele Remington shotgun. Retails for around 109.95, produced in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Shop smart: Shop S-Mart.
by aiden diabhal January 15, 2004
Henry Rollins, spoken-word artist and singer for Rollins Band. Also used to sing for pioneer punk band, Black Flag.
the man has no neck!!! just look at him!
by aiden diabhal January 15, 2004
Too Much Coffee Man is the single greatest super-hero of our time!
All hail, Shannon Wheeler!
by aiden diabhal January 23, 2004
A notice/warning placed on lubricants such as motor oil and brake fluid in order to prevent your mother/sister/grandmother from using said chemicals to lubricate her nasty, dry snatch while she's whoring herself out for crack.
Motor Oil
Brake Fluid
by aiden diabhal January 22, 2004
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