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1. a hot new underwear line for women making them "one"
2. a hot ass bitch with a "platinum pussy"
" I'm totally feeling like a platipuss with these bomb ass underwear I got today from Platipuss"
by afoxybitch April 21, 2010
term used for both male and female people meaning ruled by the male sexual "tool" so much that they can't control their own actions.
male usage- "Dude, his girlfriend is so hot, why is he hanging out with that troll? He is being dickiotic."
female usage- " She saw him, and yeah, he's hot, but she got all dickiotic and asked him for a date."
by afoxybitch June 03, 2013
something like spectacular, only in a bad way.
Did you hear about the guys on "Jackass" doing that new stunt that left one with no arms and the other in a coma? Yeah, it was quite shitacular.
by afoxybitch June 03, 2013

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