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3 definitions by afoxybitch

something like spectacular, only in a bad way.
Did you hear about the guys on "Jackass" doing that new stunt that left one with no arms and the other in a coma? Yeah, it was quite shitacular.
by afoxybitch June 03, 2013
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term used for both male and female people meaning ruled by the male sexual "tool" so much that they can't control their own actions.
male usage- "Dude, his girlfriend is so hot, why is he hanging out with that troll? He is being dickiotic."
female usage- " She saw him, and yeah, he's hot, but she got all dickiotic and asked him for a date."
by afoxybitch June 03, 2013
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1. a hot new underwear line for women making them "one"
2. a hot ass bitch with a "platinum pussy"
" I'm totally feeling like a platipuss with these bomb ass underwear I got today from Platipuss"
by afoxybitch April 21, 2010
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