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5 definitions by aes

An american car with wal-mart performance and stereo equipment, driven by Trailer trash and teenage girls
Wow look at that Cava-queer with walmart hubs.
by aes May 19, 2003
19 4
Cantonese for a wiseguy or a smartass, but in modern context it means someone who's a triad member. In English however it's used in a derogatory way for someone that thinks they're tough and cool, when they're really not.
Oh, look it's Mike, the goo wak jai.
by aes January 10, 2004
10 5
Something that's either really good or really bad from context.
Fred: My girlfriend just dumped me for my bestfriend
Bob: That's green man
by aes January 10, 2004
1 1
A brand of popular 'health tea', infamous for making you feel worse after you've drank it than before. It's the kind of stuff your grandmother makes you drink. Also very popular with college students for it's high stimulant and caffine content.
I drank some genki, so I could stay up all night and cram.
by aes January 10, 2004
53 137
A sexual act where some shits on another person.
by AES May 19, 2003
32 152