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The worst sound a man can make; a combination of yelling and crying usually initiated after a shameful act.
Alone in his apartment for the first time since his breakup, Tim takes out the picture of his ex-girlfriend, and begins to masturbate. As he reaches climax, he begins to howl cry.

Beeewww! Linda! Why did you leave me! Beeewww!
by aero-instability October 07, 2010
The application of excessive force while attempting a delicate task; as if performed by frankenstein.
In trying to clean the toothpaste off of his bathroom mirror, Jeff presses way too hard against the glass, breaking it.

God damnit...I just frankenfingered my mirror!

tard hand
by aero-instability October 07, 2010
The unexpected loss of control of one's hand while attempting to perform a basic task.
When Jeff reached for his cell phone, he knocked it off of the table, breaking it.

"Dude, you just tard handed your phone!"
by aero-instability October 07, 2010

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