5 definitions by aeilidh

The show that's on SBS 7:30pm every Saturday that is the damned best show on earth.

Hiroyuki Sakai is my Hero.
Chairman Kaga and the Iron Chefs rock my socks.
by aeilidh April 05, 2005
Rexamus is a kick-ass deviantart - ist
I want Rexamus to have my lovechild!
by aeilidh April 05, 2005
Spyed is deviantart 's resident black ninja.
Spyed just got abducted by Jark, I fear he shall be probed!
by aeilidh April 05, 2005
The Invisible is a Deviant (see also deviantart )
Can be found at www.the-invisible.deviantart.com
by aeilidh April 05, 2005
deviantart resident 'lil guy and mascot. Likes playing tricks and being probed by Jark. He lives in the Collective Rectum
HEY! Fella just ate my piiieee!
by aeilidh April 05, 2005

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