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Female mammary glands, titties, jugs ect.
My God, Magnum! Take a gander at those breastises!
by aegis June 18, 2003
An insane woman that lives in Abbotsford Cove and kicks us out of the pools there that we swim in. Calls the school we attend and tells them that we were jumping off the roof into the pool and throwing toilet paper at each other. Takes photos of us doing it and then we get busted. Partols the pools so that she can "catch us in the act".
Shit, here comes crazy-lady, grab your towle and make a break for it!!!
by Aegis February 10, 2004
A person with devout love for a programmer (hence forth referred to as "The FanGod" and/or The FanGod's creation despite the fact that it is shit. Common behaviors of the average fanboy:

1) Fanboys can often be found "gorging" on one of The FanGod's appendages.
2) Fanboys will immediately assume everything The FanGod speaks is truth, no matter how absurd/irrational it is.
3) Fanboys will always disapprove of any suggestions pertaining to the modification of The FanGod's creation. This rule can be reversed, however, should rule 2 come into play.
<FanGod> How about we turn all the players into female dwarfs and replace the standard game mode with miniature games of hopscotch?
<Fanboy> WOW! That has to be the single greatest suggestion I have ever heard. I would PAY to play a game like that.
<Fanboy2> Can I send you some photographs of me naked to sign?
by Aegis January 27, 2003
azn rice
antag breathes in the sensual aroma eminating from his steaming hot bowl of lice
by aegis September 06, 2003
Akin to the onion, a small woman's round and shapely rear-end.
She is but yea tall, and no breastistes to speak of, but she has quite the shallot.
by aegis June 18, 2003
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