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3 definitions by adriana danger

When a liquid overflows from a to-go container due to multitasking.
ugggh my coffee just sputtled all over the place whilst trying to carry this case of beer.
by adriana danger March 14, 2009
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faux-slut. A girl who gives off the allusion of being an easy lay. So you take her somewhere only to be faced with the devastating reality that she just has very seductive eyes.
I got blue-balled last night until I could not feel my life. I thought for sure I was going to get laid. What a fauxlut!
by Adriana Danger August 07, 2008
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the elated mental state that occurs following the consumption of a slurpee.
Chrissy you seem kind of down want to go to the sev and get slurped?

hahaha, i am so slurped right now everything is hilarious.
by Adriana Danger May 06, 2008
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