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Extremely rare beauty inside & out, a good listener very smart and funny too, she can cheer you up when your down.
Loves to be creative with her arts and crafts, has very good taste in music. (so you can trust her with the car radio)
She has a contagious smile that can't help but spread to others has many friends and enjoys being with them.
Reading is her favorite pastime, and she never ever misses the TV show how i met your mother.
She is wiser beyond her years and loyalty is one of her many attributes.

❤ loves Sushi and sleeping ❤
Although Kalle claims to have faults, people have yet to find them (我不知道) it has been said that Kalle’s are strangely attracted to Cuban guy’s name Adrian. If you are ever lucky enough to have a kalle in your life then you have found a rare treasure.
Kalle= (__!__)

"she's such a Kalle"

"She must be a Kalle"
"Wow, i can't believe i'm with Kalle"
"dude, did you just see that Kalle over there?"
by adrian&kalle September 16, 2013

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