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Buff! Sexy!!! Hot!!! Too much for words
i sure wudnt mind hittin dat from da back!!!!
by admirer June 15, 2004
A savage yet refined fornicator which yearns for copulation and cellular pillow talk.
"Check out the ass on that sajaa"
by Admirer June 18, 2006
An amazing guy, who will just blow your mind with his personality and smarts. He is smart, funny, hot as hell, and sooo very sweet. The greatest guy that you'll ever meet.
The perfect man times ten
by admirer November 14, 2004
macintosh computer using woman
macfemme is so kickass
by admirer August 22, 2003
short for nardeen. a sexy sexy girl with a ROCKIN body, a sweet ass and a gorgeous face
If nard gave me a chance I'd rock her world (not to mention the bed)
by admirer September 01, 2004

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