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2 definitions by admason

GODS COUNTRY !!!!, What america used to be.
It's I DAH HO.. NOT Eye DEEE hoe YOu twits..
cool things in Idaho..
we got the worlds longest floating board walk.
we got the worlds highest navigable river.
We got the worlds only floating golf course.
We got Canyons deeper then arizona.
we got lots of really awsome Indian Tribes, nothing is cooler then pow wow dancing, and fry bread.
we put gravy on our spuds where it belongs.
we grow lots of other stuff too.. wheat, wild rice, corn, oats, hay, Ken mustard, cattle, elk farms, barley, Kentucky bluegrass, beans, peas, and Apples, pears, Huckleberries, and lots of other agricultural produce.
IN Idaho.. kids actually have to learn where all 50 states are at.
I am shocked how many people dont know where any of the
larger western states are at.
I have met people who say to me.. Oh I have visited Idaho when we drove up to Wisconsin last summer.. I just look at them and tell them.. THATS Iowa not Idaho. How people get these two mixed up I will never know. people from Iowa have the same problem.. except it envolves seattle.
Idaho is the boot shaped one.. stuck between montana, whyoming, and oregon and washington state. Next door to utah and Nevada ok.. look on a map.
IDAHO A state where everyone is seperated by 6 degrees.

In other terms.. we got relation related to your relation.
Idaho families are related to each other...My Aunts husband has a sister who is the grandmother to
a girl who married a guy who is the cousin of one of my highschool class mates.

My dads 3rd cousins step daughter works with our neighbor.

My grandmothers cousin married the cousin of the school janitor, who is the uncle of my brothers friend, who started to date a girl, but then found out she was related to the school janitor too.
by admason October 24, 2006
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Look at a map of Idaho or Italy they are places that are shaped like a boot.
I live in Idaho, the boot shaped state, down in the toe part near Wyoming.
by admason October 24, 2006
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