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a blanket term to describe an imagined, completely illegitimate concern to an otherwise well thought-out plan or concept.
their bank heist plan had been flawless, planned over many months with no detail overlooked.

but reflecting from the cold stony walls of their jail cell, they realized they had failed utterly to plan for one crucial factor: the Mexico City Ad.
#plan #contingency #fatal flaw #achille's heel #weakness
by adguy November 19, 2008
When you are continually stopped in the hall and assaulted with inane, mind-numbing factoids that a very nerdy colleague thinks are witty and intelligent. He tells them to you, to impress you, but all it does is annoy you and you feel pressured to keep saying "yeah" and fake laughing right along with him, until he is finished with you.
"Oh my god, I was just accosted in the hall by Nathan for 20 minutes with more inane facts... I do have actual work to get done today! He's such a nerd-bully!"
#nerd #bully #bullied #annoyed #tortured
by AdGuy September 22, 2014
When someone who seems fairly mainstream blurts out something really nerdy revealing how nerdy they really are.
OMG! When Joe was talking about that book he really liked and then blurted out that, "if you look in the back of the book, it will tell you what fonts were used", he totally revealed his nerd tell!
#nerd #nerdology #nerdy #tell #telling
by AdGuy June 23, 2014
A shortened version or collaboration of the words Oh and Okay.
Ohkay, I was wondering what you meant.
#oh #okay #confirm #understand #comprehend
by AdGuy September 25, 2015
When you go into a public restroom stall and lay out some smooth sounds... Also known as serious gas farts (also long turds) in the stall.
"I've got to go lay tracks in the sound booth." Also: "Man, I have got to hit the sound booth and lay down some heavy tracks!"
#fart #lay #tracks #rip #stall #bathroom
by AdGuy June 14, 2015
When the skin of your ball sack sticks to your inner thighs like gum and you have to walk funny to unstick them.
I got out of the car on a hot summer day and had "gumballs" all the way to the entrance of Home Depot.
#sticky #balls #gumballs #sweaty #moist
by AdGuy September 25, 2012
Anything a person decides they are going to do one day. A procrastinator's favorite verb.
Yeah, yeah, that's another thingamado... maybe next week... we'll see!
by AdGuy October 28, 2015
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