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Shortened version of "retard" (someone who is retarded).
Susie dropped her cafeteria tray? What a 'tard!
by Ace February 05, 2002
>verb. the act of thrusting one's pelvis in such a way that one's testicles and penis slap against the abdomen and taint, emitting a noise, commonly performed by males.
"I love to poonclosh when I get out of the shower"
by ace November 30, 2004
1) COnstructive COst MOdel
2) The finest creation of USC
3) The biggest waste of time and most useless piece of software
4) The most screwed up class at USC teaches how to use Cocomo and how it works
5) An island off the Florida keys
6) Home of the University of Indiana
7) A place where I want to retire to.
8) Land of beautiful palm trees and gorgeous babes.
9) Paradise on earth, why would I live anywhere else
10) One of the few words with so many diverse and different definitions
That's where we wanna go, way down to Cocomo.
by ace April 09, 2004
Used as a ways to shorten the term, "Oh shit."
"Ohshi nigga, my milkshake brings all da boys to da playground."
by Ace March 07, 2004
When tomorrow or this afternoon or later is not good enough: you need it Right Fucking Now.
Hey, you lame hesher, go get that six-pack RFN!
by Ace June 02, 2004
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