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Similar to a Cincinnati Bowtie, a turkey helmet is the act of sitting on a face, with your nutsack and dang on the other party's neck. Preferably, your asshole will be atop the point of the victim's nose. In this position, your scrote resting on the neck will look like a turkey's fleshy neck.
After that fucker that disrespected me at my own party passed out, I pulled down my pants and gave that dicksucker a serious Turkey Helmet. Talk about hilarity!
by Ace June 17, 2006
The pilgrims and indians traded expressions with wine, whiskey and a piece pipe.
noun: to be drunk, high, lifted, cocked, gassed, pissed, blazed, rocked, stuck, mangled, stoned, hammered, chink eyed, crushed, blasted, junk, banged-up, intoxicated, innebriated, or luggage.
I drank a 40, took a bong hit and smoked an L on the way to work today. How yeed? So YEED!
by Ace January 06, 2005
another word for prick

(kind of like biznitch and shiznit)
fucking priznick
by Ace February 03, 2004
pimpin bizzatches
That bitch Greg, hes fucking bizimpin up in here.
by ACE October 28, 2003
The spelled out version of pussy
You want some PCY tonite?
by Ace January 23, 2004
A man of large size with alot of power
by Ace March 09, 2003
Lebanese Slang word for "Slack"
Fully Sleck Bro!
by Ace February 05, 2004

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