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combination of wench and divorced. ex-wife of a loser with a elvis look a like hair do.
"after she talked about her problematic incest loving loser of a husband/boyfriend/baby's daddy for 10 friggin hours, I got tired and called her a stupid wenched bitch"

"you're wenched.deal with it and take care of your didnt asked to be here friggin kids you stupid fuckin slut wannabe""get a LIBRARY card, educate yourself with USEFUL material,and stop being such a fried fake and baked" cried LaLa in utter DISGUST
by accidental creation March 08, 2008
finding amusement in abusal.
when a dillusional crazed psycho bitch attacks you in desperate hopes of becoming the abused.

"it was all so very abnused to her when she acted like a PSYCHO"
by accidental creation March 08, 2008
what you have when you choose to stay with a poor excuse of a man who tries to fuck your sister then cheats on you repeatedly.
camel doesnt have dignity, she has PIGNITY!! what do you think she had ANOTHER baby with that slimebucket for.
by accidental creation March 08, 2008
faggot that likes to hit it up with single moms loaded wit money from her dead drug dealer exhusband
tommy's about to hit it BIG with a tripple doucher ya'll!!
by accidental creation March 08, 2008
a sexually transmitted disease in combination with sars
dude from china with the 11 inch cock had sex with cam and now they both have SPARS
by accidental creation March 08, 2008
cam spelled backwards

definition for:

masturbating art of crying
"mac was ever so lucky she didnt die from slitting her own wrist veins"

"I sincerely hope it's not too late for her to recover on her road to mental normality, for the sake of the children's future"
by accidental creation March 08, 2008
slang for crusty ass muncher
crusty ass muncher cam is loved by many for her disgusting fading tatooed like a slut eyebrows and douching on tha daily
by accidental creation March 08, 2008

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