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A Noah is a kid that tries his hardest to be funny but succeeds less than half of the time. He knows just about every joke out there, corny or otherwise, and recites them hourly. He is constantly goofing off in class much to the dismay of his teachers and annoyance, bordering on amusement, of his peers.

A Noah has some mad acting skills. It is not in his nature to hold back and he's not afraid to make a fool of himself which means he is the best at school induced role play activities. If you suck at such things (it's okay you can admit it) be in his group. Noah will do all the acting and you can sit back and relax.
Person 1: That was the best History class ever. Nate did such a good job with the role play.
Person 2: He was so funny.
Person 3: Yeah he's such a Noah.
by academy2014 October 04, 2011
Mysteriously getting "sick" and missing school whenever there is a test or quiz. Often someone who pulls a Teddy won't miss a full day and will simply come in late just after the test was taken or will get his/her parents to pick him/her up right before. They will almost always have a faked doctor's note.
Person 1: Where's John?
Person 2: He's got his mom to pick him up because he was "sick"
Person 1: Yeah right. He's just pulling a Teddy cause he doesn't want to take the Bio test
by academy2014 September 29, 2011
Noham is the best HS bromance between a Neil and a Soham. Noham does just about everything together. They go on cruises, sit next to each other in class, and spent a lot of time at each others houses doing..................what? ;)
Neil: oh yeah Soham and I spend vacation together
Everyone: awwww....Noham
by academy2014 October 04, 2011
A kid that pretends to be a terrorist and has a weird obsession with bombs, C4, explosions, and anything else that is dangerous and makes a loud noise. A Hyder should never go to an airport for fear of being detained for his bomb talk.

A Hyder also is constantly attempting Indian or Arabic accents though they are very bad and sound exactly alike.

Such things might, to some, be amusing but most just find it annoying.
Person 1: Hey is that the lockdown drill?
Person 2: yeah my relatives are invading the school and their gonna blow it up. I have the C4 in my backpack.
Person 1: Stop being such a Hyder
by academy2014 September 30, 2011
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