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warning of incoming danger, or undesireable person.
"Menetch lads!"

"Absolute Menetch!"
#sketcho-menetcho #sketch #sketch-bomb #sketch-bomb-bomba-sketch #absolute-menetch
by Absolutemenech September 28, 2009
To converse with friends about trivial matters. originated in Roscrea co. Tipperary

"you coming for a chatzki?"

"chatzki during study tonight?"
#chat #talk #chit-chat #chinwag #conversation
by absolutemenech September 29, 2009
to ensnare an unlucky victim between a sweaty t shirt and the attackers greasy belly. the attacker then screams out butch a neigh! this event usually takes place after a long session in the gym or sports hall.
"that lad just got butch a neighed!"

"i regret to inform you that your son has died from a fatal butch a neigh"

"im not going to sports hall tonight incase i get butch a neighed."

#greasy belly #fat stomach #keg #gut #croatia jersey.
by absolutemenech October 01, 2009
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