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A japanophile can be several things. Depending on the context of the word.
It comes from a combination of the English word Japan and the greek word for love. In other words "love of Japan".

A Japanophile is:
1) Someone who loves Japan so much they become a naturalized Japanese citizen like Arudo Debito.
2) Has and extensive interest in learning Japanese or has a strong interesting in doing so.
3) Has a strong interest in Japanese pop-culture such as comics, animated shows, dramas, game shows, music, movies, ect.
4) Has a strong interest in Japanese traditional culture such as mythology and folklore more so than other countries.
5) Some who takes a strong pro-Japanese opinion on things despite not being Japanese. This includes defending Yasukuni visits, Nanking Denial, agreement with Japanese draconian immigration law and agreement with Japanese Nationalists in general.
Japanophile: I plan on teaching English in Japan
Person1: zomg Japanophile!! bukkake bukkake! animu wapanese!
by abortedjesus February 01, 2007
A genre of music which is only worth listening to for the beats. But why waste your time when there's so much better stuff out there? Rap doesn't even take talent. Making beats can take talent but rapping only takes talent if the person can flo(make rhymes from the top of his or her head). It has some of the worst lyrics in music ever. They say the n-word at least a half a billion times, being sexist to the point of downright woman hatred, advocating drug use, and glorify crime in general. People say this is "black culture" which is an absolute insult to blacks. It's as much a representative of black people as minstrel.
They use the word nigga over and over but if a white person said the same thing he'd be called a racist(see double standard.

Now of course not all rap is as bad as Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, 50 cent and the like. I've listened to plenty of rap including underground hiphop. Now underground hiphop isn't as bad as the mainstream stuff. But it still sucks.
Wigga1: Yo! You check out G-Unit's new shit?
Black Person: No, I don't like rap music
Wigga1: zomg, you're not black!!!!!11!oneone!
Black Person: Racist
by abortedjesus February 01, 2007

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