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cheap wannabe abercrombie

people think that they are so cool by shopping at hollister, but really they just look like complete wannabees. Abercrombie is really where its at.

if you like all of your clothes to be bright orange, hot pink, and fluorescent turquoise, then this is the store for you. All their clothes look the same. Every shirt is orange and baby-doll style. you can spot a hollister shirt from a mile away.

by the way, why would you want to wear a shirt with a palm tree and surf board IN THE WINTER?!?!
girl #1: that girl at the end of the street is wearing a hollister shirt

girl #2: how do you know? you see the little seagull logo all the way from here?

girl #1: its orange and has flowers.
by abercrombie does it better October 23, 2007

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