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Gruner is a simplification of "Grüner Veltliner" (correct English spelling: Gruener Veltliner)- a grape variety grown widely in Austria; the local wine-makers produce all kind of wines from this grape, from the greatest examples of world class quality to simply wines for everyday drinking and even for mixing with mineral water. The popularity of "Gruener" (!) is steadily growing in the USA, even more in GB.
I´ve tasted a marvallous Gruner (correct: Gruener) yesterday.
by abcm August 23, 2008
Short for Burgundy , a red or white wine produced in the French region of Burgundy. Red wines are usually made from Pinot noir, white wines from Chardonnay, but the wines rarely bear the grape designation, rather the name of their origin.
In wine circles the abbrevation BURG is quite common. Sometimes the term is also used for wines made from Burgundian grapes (Pinot noir etc.) grown in other countries.
The red burg last night was really singing.
by abcm August 23, 2008

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