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iPod whiplash happens when a person has a wide range of songs of different genre on the same playlist. Each song unexpectedly throws the person into a different genre, causing iPod whiplash.
"I was listening to System of a Down on Kat's iPod, then all of a sudden I was thrown into a Barry Manilow song. I totally got iPod whiplash!"
by abblaz88 April 13, 2010
When a person clicks the 'like' button on an uber-gay Facebook Fan Page out of pity for the friend that created the page.
My buddy created an uber-gay Facebook Fan Page for his cat, Fluffy BunnyTaco. He blasted this page out to all of his friends in hopes that they will 'like' the page. Even though his page is uber-gay, I clicked on the 'like' button anyway out of pity. It was a total Fan Page Pity Like.
by abblaz88 November 27, 2010

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