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an act where post coitus the female leaves while the man is asleep yet leaves her contact info thanking him for the funky time and imploring him to call her whenever he wants to grind.
Dude, I totally hooked up with that chick from the party last night and she hit me with a Darling Nikki.
by aaronp12 January 25, 2011
The act of a female burning down, whether purposefully or accidentally, her boyfriend/husband's home after a petty argument a la Left Eye from 90s group TLC
I guess she went through his cell phone saw a text from another chick and straight pulled a Left Eye on his ass. Hope he had fire insurance.
by aaronp12 February 20, 2011
Phenomenon when a guy comes into a new environment i.e. a new school or visiting a new town and all of the local women throw themselves at him sexually as a way of marking their own territory.
I love meeting girls when I'm away on vacation, they all seem to go through New Dick Syndrome (NDS)
by aaronp12 April 11, 2011

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