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someone who is slightly more annoying than your average "joe douchebag" and has need for a more insulting insult, because the nozzle of the douche actually goes into the skanky, nasty pussy, so therefore calling someone a douchenozzle is way worse!
"dude, enough of the 'trogdor!!!!' shit every hour of the day, your such a douchenozzle!"
something that is so cool, or "sweet" as some say, that it goes beyond the boundaries of using the word, "shibby", and that thing/situation is acutally delicious to think about or experience
beating up ICP kids is totally shibbilicious! and good excersise too!!!
a gayass card game that does nothing but milk dollar after dollar out of the pockets of hard working american parents to feed the genetically engineered superchildren of a rich japanese business man
all you fags are playin that pokemon game, cuz ur fags!
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