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5 definitions by aaaaarochey

a chinnese burn performed on the penis whilst erected.
when a man cheats on his girl and thinks he gets away with it his wife/girlfriend may give him a cock wrench to resolve the problem.
by aaaaarochey March 24, 2005
8 7
a state of the body when a mans penis is longer than his legs
many german porn stars are petronomous.
by aaaaarochey March 24, 2005
2 6
an italian version of the word "dude"
dudio wheresa my a pizza?
by aaaaarochey March 24, 2005
7 11
a large, frog like creature that lives in south east africa. has been known to eat humans whole. can also be used as an insult as a variation of the word "fat".
"go home you ugly drundopult"
by aaaaarochey March 25, 2005
1 6
a probe used on the anus. used to discover the iner most cavity of an anus
a doctor could use an anal probe to dislodge a pencil from a pacients anus
by aaaaarochey March 24, 2005
16 28