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n. a crush on someone you see all the time, but do not actually know personally. Their name may be known, but they are usually refer to by some sort of nickname. Also see, nanocrush
1. I have a total stranger crush on the chick that works at the record store.

2. I saw "Orange Ipod boy" on the bus again today. God I have such a stranger crush on him!
by a_wrighter March 24, 2009
n. a "small" crush. Usually the crush is caused by a specific trait or situation that is outweighed by some other negative element, which keeps it from developing into a full crush.
1. Jan thinks he is charming, but only has a microcrush because she knows he is married.

2. Yeah, she is kind of annoying, but how could you not have a mircocrush? She is just so damn cute.
by a_wrighter March 24, 2009
n. A person who is walking as they are talking on a cell phone, see twalk. Often characterized by a general sense of obliviousness to the world.
"There is nothing worse than getting stuck behind a twalker in the airport when you are trying to make your connection."
by a_wrighter February 14, 2008
v. The specific act of walking and talking on a cell phone, often characterized by the need to turn the entire upper body to see what is being obscured by the raise arm holding the phone. Also generally characterized by a lack of attention for the twalker's surroundings.

n. The act of calling someone on a cell phone while walking.
"I accidently stepped in a huge puddle this morning because I was twalking and not paying attention."

"I am almost out of work, can I twalk you back in a few minutes?"
by a_wrighter February 14, 2008
n. A short lived crush, usually on a stranger, that lasts only as long as the encounter. It may develop into something more after repeat encounters. Also see stranger crush
1. A cute guy on the subway complimented me today on my shoes and I a developed a nanocrush until he got off.

2. Dude, my nanocrushs on the barista are not fading. I might have to ask her out.
by a_wrighter March 24, 2009

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