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IB, a high school program, will force teens into a downward spiral of depression, un-protected sex, violence and narcotics use; only 2% will survive to reach the and age of 25. This makes the IB student - the 'Ibus Studentus' - one of the most rare species on earth, some even completely denying its existence along with big foot and the lochness monster.
Bob: What the hell happened to Alex. I meet him the other day and he was saying something about "CAS", before assaulting me, for drug money...
Phil: The International Baccalaureate happened to Alex. May God be mercy full...
by a_washere November 03, 2009
1.Noun - signatur, writing, or smudge  made on mirror with bodily oil or fluid from a zit or blackhead.

2. Verb (zit-tagging) - the action of creating a zit-tagg with a zit or blackhead.
i. Yesterday I squeezed out a blackhead which had been on my nose for a year; it was huge and made such a great zit-tagg!

ii. I love zit-tagging; it messes with the one who has to clean it up.
by a_washere December 27, 2009
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