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The awesome \m/ degree bestowed to Engineering Enthusiasts @ BITS Pilani... Not only is it an Honorary Degree.. but the Batch of 2007 is the only one to to get it (Yo!)...

The batch has all kinds of people ranging from "nerds" to "ghots" to "lite-ra's" and even the "dudes" and a few gifted "damsels".. And it is therefore that a unanimous decision was arrived at to revive the Course pattern and study methodology. It includes everything right from the basics of Rocket Science to Chip manufac.. and what most of our friends proudly call VLSI (get over it guys, its dead now)..
ElecRIonics has been specifically introduced in these times of post-recession to provide opportune vistas, afterall whats there in Electronics ?
nerds- u-know-who <wink><wink>
ghots- obb GoGo, Ishaan,et al.
lite-ra's - lite
dude- GoEnka,
damsels- aah u knoe :P

Student: " Sir, My Discipline is Electrical and ElecRIonics Engineering with Honors Sir "
Sir: "WTF ?"
by aSiD April 05, 2010

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