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The temperature in which you are fucking freezing...and at times the nipples tend to hurt and expand....often times visible through the T-Shirt.
Damnnn....it is NIP TITS outside!
by aPiZzLe October 14, 2007
To "speaker phone that ho!" is to put someone on speaker phone.
When your in a car with a bunch of friends and the person holding the phone is telling everyone what the person on the line is saying. Then Someone in the car yells "Speaker phone that ho!"
by aPiZzLe February 19, 2008
Sugar snaps can be used to portray an array of feelings such as; excitement, amazement, surprise,etc. It can also be used to say...OH shit, damn, crap, etc.

It is a save word to use when you are trying to express and emotion and want to avoid using swear words.
Ohh....Sugar Snapsss....I forgot to write my psych paper.

Ohh sugar snaps....look at that sexy beast.

Mark Anthony: Yo baby, my song is number one on the charts!!!
j-Lo: OhhhHhh Sugar Snaps!
by aPizZLe October 13, 2007
Can also be read/said as "Harr", "Harr harr", etc. You may also use all capitals, if trying to get the point across. It is indeed another form to laugh, which indeed makes everyone else giggle. Squares really only don't know what this esquisite word is. It is used by many people, and German teachers, around the globe.
Abigail: OMG my house reeks like salt
Maddie: HAR HARR HAR! abs, you're hilaious!
by apizzle October 04, 2007
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