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Guy Fisher, a former New York City drug dealer.

Along with Frank Lucas and Nicky Barnes, the three were the most notorious drug figures in the New York drug trade

his demise and downfall, occured at the hands of the disgracefullstoolie Nicky Barnes, who became a police informant, like Frank Lucas.

Unlike Nicky Barnes and Frank Lucas, Fisher was never an informant.

never met him, but goddamn that’s my nigga!
-guy fisher is ma nigga
by a2thedib May 16, 2009
periga = persian nigga. a persian dude who is a Gangsta
*what's up my periga?
*just chillin dogg?
*lets go eat some kabab or sumthing?
* hell yeah, and some motherf****** doogh ( a persian drink)
by a2thedib October 28, 2007
A 50 cent hater is a punk ass nigga, who talks shit the whole day. Saying things like “he’s a snitch,” “his film was garbage,” “if it wasn’t for Em and Dre….” Etc. They read all his interviews, are among the first to listen to his music, book tickets for his movies, cancel all other engagements, to watch him on TV, just so that they can bash him on Internet sites. A 50 cent hater can also be referred to as ‘a game groupie,’ and a ‘Lame.’ 50 cent haters are usually 10-13 year old white boys from the suburbs, who act like 50 cent killed their family or something of that nature.
50 cent hater on youtube: "damn this 50 cent track is whack, nobody in the hood likes 50 cent BLACK WALL STREET 4 LIFE!!!! GGGG-UNOT!!!!"
by a2thedib October 28, 2007

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