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a black person from iran
nigga: sup terrorist ?
persian nigga: i aint no terrorist you Busta!! imma persian nigga
by R3za-remiX July 17, 2008
Total oxymoron! There are no black people in Iran.
Man A: "Why do you think your parents are liars?"

Man B: "First they told me about Santa, then the Easter bunny, but once I heard about the "persian nigga" I knew everything they said was bullshit"
by Gianfranco23 August 14, 2009
we call persians as persian niggas because they're brown, hairy, unibrowed, sweaty people who think that they have some relation to white people or something crazy.

Therefore to make persians realize that they're brown and related to arabs and indians, we call them PERSIAN NIGGAS!
bob: yo, did you see that weird looking brown chick in there? She's hairier than an ape/

jon: must be a persian nigga.
by jabbawocka2323 January 08, 2011
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