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n: a robot that is large, usually greater than three-hundred meters in height, and is usually used for combat purposes or smashing things.
If I had a giant robot, I'd attack Washington D.C. and force GWB to eat AOL disks and then drive in a pimpmobile down a street with thousands of indiana jones-like booby traps, without the close-shave part.
by _raleeshan_ May 15, 2004
one of those obscure anime shows that is only shown in Japan, or is only available on an overpriced DVD in America and/or Canada
God/Allah/(yourgod(s)here): Dude, did you see that episode of Escaflowne last night?
Mortal: No dude, remember? I don't have every channel known to man.
by _raleeshan_ May 15, 2004
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