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A greek word meaning "Alive" or "A living thing." In the Bible, the word is used to refer to someone who is saved and now has eternal life.

Regarding the Chrisian band called Zao, they took that word as their name for this reason, that they are born-again ]Christians] (at least all the original members were). The album "Alive is Dead" was meant to be their final album, and the name has the hidden meaning. Literally, Zao is dead.
He cried out to God for salvation and he recieved zao.
by ____________ May 02, 2005
A reply to a particularly blatant spam post in a forum. First used by Zao, a mod at the Day of Defeat forums sometime last year.
"I liek cheese"
by ____________ May 02, 2005
Throwing a tantrum online, or posting a forum rant over nothing. Usually the kind of thing you'd never pontificate about to anyone in person, and you many not even really care. Also contains a lot of angst.
"OMG, suing girls for leaving cookies on your doorstep? We should hang that bitch and set fire to her house. Who's with me?"
"Nice e-fit."
by ____________ May 04, 2005

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