4 definitions by _VMC_

craf is crap spelt with a f... easy eh?
crap - craf
difference noticeable when compared
by _VMC_ June 10, 2003
a scribit is someone who sits at home in front of the pc & atempts to think of cool sounding words, with definations. However the result (urbandictionary.com) usually results in failure & just end up sounding craf.
son: look mom! i made a new word!
mom: shut it ginger freak...
by _VMC_ May 27, 2003
kick ass bitch - full name rei ayanami hav a look on lonelyangel.com
shinji- hey rei!
rei-...sorry..i do not understand the question...
shinji- why do u always say that...
by _VMC_ June 10, 2003
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