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Nickname for Chris Matthews, host of 'Hardball.' His staff nicknamed him Tweety Bird because of the shade of yellow he dyes his hair. First divulged at mediawhoresonline.com
Tweety Matthews was making no damn sense again tonight.
by Zrusilla May 09, 2004
Refers to the person on a film set who tends to and coaxes babies or children to perform for the camera.
The baby wrangler tried everything, but the baby kept crying.
by zrusilla May 11, 2004
Downticks in the stock market associated with pronouncements from George W. Bush.
I sold my stocks before Bush gave his press conference, because of the Piehole Effect.
by Zrusilla May 09, 2004
Showing pud-like tendencies
"Bhutanese cuisine? Uh, no thanks."
"Good thing you're not coming to dinner, then, because you're being pudly."
by zrusilla May 20, 2004
Someone who gets all briskity when you tell them that they're briskity. A tense, uptight person.
I tried to talk to her about it but she's all briskity.
by Zrusilla May 09, 2004
Evil; vile; nasty. Said of a person or a situation. Often shortened to 'pie.'
My boss is really pie. She bitched at me because I was ten minutes late and she told me I'd better shape up.
by Zrusilla May 09, 2004
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