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2 definitions by Zozoyoyo

a mix between a jabberjay and a mockingbird. From The Hunger Games.
The Mockingjay sang sweetly as the sun rose.
by Zozoyoyo January 03, 2012
58 6
1. A curly haired person who is energetic and wants to be original.

2. a hooker who is bi.

3. A girl who loves to party.

4. A girl who acts tough on the outside but on the inside she has feelings and wishes she could be treated nicely.
Ex 1. Rosie is so energetic and original i wish i was just like her.

Ex.2 Gosh how much is that Rosie she is so hot yet she is bi.

Ex.3 Wow that Rosie can party!

Ex.4 Poor Rosie, i wish someone would be nice to her.
by Zozoyoyo December 08, 2011
10 22