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Derivative of "Plopping". Rose out of the similarity between "Props" and "Plops". "Plops" are what the comments you give yourself from another account are called.
Original Poster: I'm so great!

Obvious Original Poster on another of their accounts: Yes, he's so great!

Thread Reader: Wow man, nice job giving yourself plops!
#plopping #failure #plops #failtroll #troll #trolling #childish #samefag
by Zofryer October 23, 2008
The practice of using multiple accounts and/or logins to manufacture the appearance of Internet Fame. The term recently jumped into meme lexicon because of a series of posts by a younger gamer named "plops" that was so transparently bad at cheerleading himself with his own forum logins, that he was laughed off the forums by most of its readers.
Douchebag 1: Hey, I'm douchebag 1! I'm famous for (fill in pointless internet thing nobody cares about).

Douchebag 1's anonymous login: Yeah he is famous for that! He's da greatess evar!!!

Everyone: Man, stop the plopping samefag.
#plopping #failure #plops #failtroll #troll #trolling #childish
by Zofryer October 23, 2008
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