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The voice used by some men when talking on the phone to a woman they are interested in. The voice is usually high pitched, somewhat faster than usual (due to excitement that he might actually get laid) and is almost always accompianied by a dumb looking half smile.

Needless to say, the Boo Boo Voice is frowned upon amongst men, as it is seen as a sign of weakness. Expereinced Boo Boo Voicers have been known to leave the room proir to using the Boo Boo Voice to avoid ridicule.
"Derek must really need to get laid, he's got the Boo Boo Voice going on bigtime"
by Zhoenix May 02, 2007
The required wiping of ones own ass due to the overwhelming presence of sweat, usually accompanied by extreme urgency.
“Dude, it’s hotter than hell in here, I gotta go rip off a courtesy wipe”
by Zhoenix April 20, 2007
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