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Someone who likes to take on anyone....

Also someone connected to drug dealing and anything associated with getting high.
Me Versuz the WORLD!!!

Want so weed? i'm Versuz and can get you anything
by Zey April 02, 2003

Counter-strike: You a DOL champion

From the lasses: lol look at your dol
by Zey April 02, 2003
every person wants to be in this clan cause everyone there owns all :p
i want to be in UESC pleeease
by zey April 02, 2003
A psychotic person who must have been abused as a child and is on the verge of turning into a Serial Killer.
(22:48.58) (@Cyren): im perfectly relaxed
(22:49.02) (@Cyren): i just want to kill people
(22:49.23) (@Zey): lol
(22:49.26) (@Zey): thats bad :)
(22:49.38) (@Cyren): its art

Your name suits you!
by Zey November 28, 2003
A spikey head ninja who is addicted to draw
my like is like makos
by Zey April 02, 2003
Greek Mythology: God of War

Also associated with impersenating people and trying to invite children to them.

My name is Aries, do you want some sweets?
by Zey April 02, 2003
Kiddy fiddler
You an Aries you are!
by Zey April 02, 2003
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