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1 definition by ZeusInASpeedo

A great game currently ran by greedy Chinese Overlords bent on squeezing money out of their customers via the micro-transaction model, locked-at-high champion and rune IP/RP prices, reduced IP income, themed skins aka: Legendary skins with actual effort put into them while adding some copy/pasta pic of splash art into the skin owner's profile; meanwhile, Riot's feigns having "worked sooo hard on those skins" etc.. This community's highly toxic and volatile, and filled to the brim both in-game and on the forums with trolls.

The Tribunal is some automated system ran by the very source of the problem aka: the community. The community already knows it's automated. Riot's employees troll their own members of the League forums in stealth aka: normal accounts, especially those negatively impacted by the Tribunal. The developers are going the way of EA and Blizzard, not giving a shit about their community while carrying out their game/forum-changing decisions forcefully knowing full well the players can't do shit about it. They use their player's addictions against them in every way possible.

This game's turned into a cesspool of negativity, and the forums are now the 4chan of MOBA gaming. Riot continues stifling dissent via trolling in stealth, down-votes, and in worst-case scenarios, permanent forum and/or in-game bans. The forum moderators especially particular reds also issue IP bans if you rub them the wrong way too many times.
<player> I've been banned from League of Legends.
<stealthed red #1> good riddance.
<stealthed red #2> you won't be missed.
<stealthed red #3> see you next week you addict.
<stealthed red #4> PULSEFIRE EZREAL wHERE aka: overused/spammed-by-stealthed-reds indirect promo-meme to rake in skin sales
<Pendragon> I ban you nao. I'm holier than thou because I'm the red running the ambiguous/automated Tribunal that can never be questioned, especially while my stealthed red stay trolling you and fling poo at you on the forums while they all down-vote you into oblivion. I simply pull up a history of your losses where you vented your anger, and then use it all against you to permaban your account and potentially get you to stupidly re-spend your money on some new account. My reds and I will also stifle your dissent while ignoring your pleas because we run the show. So if you don't like it, uninstall. See you tomorrow.
by ZeusInASpeedo July 26, 2012