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Dopamine agonist for males between the ages of 14 and 89. The prevalence of this disorder is speading to include females between 12 and 40 who claim to be 22 and busty. All who are affected by FF Syndrome must have 6 of the following symptoms for at least 3 months to have a valid diagnosis:
1.) Interpersonal problems- partners leaving, missed parties, absenteeism at major family gatherings
2.) Neglect of personal hygiene to sustain level or 'party'
3.) Spending over one hour per day at play
4.) In severe scenarios, spending 4-40 hours straight at play
5.) Missing school or work to play
6.) Professional sanctions because of play
7.) Spending more money on game than other significant needs such as food, hygiene, medicine, or childcare
8.) Emotional distress based on illusion that FF Syndrome's characters and losses are real life

If you suspect that you or someone you care about has FF Syndrome, there is help. Sufferers of FF Syndrome should save the money he or she was going to get on the faster mother board and graphics. He or she should then shower, brush teeth, put on clean clothing (run laundry first if needed), and call and apologize to family/significant other/friends. Next, call the mental health service number on the back of his or her HMO card if applicable. If not, get in touch with your local FIAA and ask for Mental Health Medicaid. Gaming is a treatable addiction, do not be afraid to get help.
Jason plays final fantasy 17 hours a day. Jason's office reaks of body odor and has not been cleaned in several weeks. His friends and mother have called but he has not answered on account of his parties. He is considering working for final fantasy instead of at his job selling houses. Because of FF Syndrome, Jason has been late and absent from work several times. Jason fasts, not for religious reasons, but to play more final fantasy. When Jason does contact former friends, it is to tell them about his new graphic system and his cool gear he earned with FF. These situations have been occuring for the past five years.
by Zerrubabel November 12, 2007

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