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A respectable anime licensing company that has brought many good animated shows from japan into several other countries.

Their dubs might be poorly written ("Desert Punk", Crayon Shin-Chan), but they usually get the subtitles done better then any other anime licensing company around.

No licensing company can beat fansubs at subtitles though.
People #1: Did you hear about that new anime FUNimation has licensed?

People #2: Yeah, I've watched it 3 times over after I downloaded it months ago off the internet. I know it is too much to ask, but I hope they can get a decent dub done.

People #2 ZOMG! You think that's possible!?

People #1: Hell no! I was joking obviously! Jeez...
by Zelnick Vercious November 04, 2006
An insult. Usually of a joking nature.

Seriously, has nothing to do with snatch.

Really, you perverted little bastards.
"Be quiet you Bizzlefidsnatch!"
by Zelnick Vercious April 10, 2006
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