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A man who doesn't need anything and can say and do whatever he wants. He cares not for the opinions of others and usually flows with whatever will benefit him and his friends. Usually smart mouthed, humorous unintentionally, and somehow good with women. He's usually that guy who doesn't fall into any clique and basically does whatever he wants, without breaking the law or getting into severe trouble. He's an ideal friend and is usually rude in speaking but it can be accustomed to.
Person A: I tried to ask Lorette out but she's fallen for Desert Punk.

Person B: Seriously you wouldn't even think girls would notice him.

Person A: I got into a fight with Matt yesterday but I completely got pawned when Desert Punk jumped in.

Person B: Well of course, you shouldn't have gotten personal with him.
by AbsoluteTrinity October 07, 2008
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