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female, pretty, stupid, dumb. usually vain and egoistic.
Melody from Josie and the Pussycats is such a bimbo!
by Ze August 21, 2003
A politically correct label for an organized group where people believe in some supernatural occurrences controlled by a supernatural being. Often is used for political gain and profit. Draws boundaries to all understanding.
Freedom of religion exists, but if you want to be president of the U.S.A., you'll be favored to win over almost anyone if you're Protestant.
by Ze March 12, 2005
to wear, keep close to your body. flax plants create fibers that can be woven into linen fabrics. on a hot summer day, the fabric "flaxes" to the skin.
my girl's flaxin her cell tonight so i know the rope's tight.
by ze July 26, 2004
Descriptive term, used for extreme ugliness.
"Yo that bitch is skragly, that wig dont even look real"
by Ze March 20, 2004
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