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A species that carries two varieties:

Variety 1-A sincerely respectable and competent person who enforces reasonable rules and gives fair punishments. Unfortunately, is a incredibly rare breed.

Variety 2-A cranky person who takes things too seriously, mods people for saying things they don't like or agree with (regardless of the rules), and will instinctively play the rule lawyer game when called out on it. Will also frequently single out sole examples of the perceived rule breaking while blowing off other posters doing equal or worse.
A Variety 2 Gamefaqs Moderator in action:

"Topic deleted by mod due to being off topic"

Poster-But my topic involved various characters from the game and discussed them. And there are a crapload of topics that are just as much off topic such as crappy VS threads and yapping about your retarded fetishes threads.

Mod-Don't care. Don't like your thread. I like reading posters go on about how Sonic's furry power beats Mario, repeat unfunny memes, and go on about what underage cartoon characters they'd like to bone.


And here's another example:

Poster-"Posts his opinion on something that others don't agree with"

Mod-"Deletes post for trolling"

Poster-The Hell? I didn't post that to annoy other users or incite some flamewar. I was just posting my opinion.

And another example:

Poster: "Posts in topic that's now about a game where a black guy goes around killing white people by asking if the game will have fried chicken"

Mod: "Uses mod powers for some reason even though the post wasn't any more offensive than others in the topic that weren't modded whatsover."

Poster:''Is suspended, and doesn't get the chance to contest the moderation"
by Zarkos April 17, 2010

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