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An indicator commonly used in acid/base titrations which turns colourless in acidic solutions and is otherwise (in the concentrations commonly used in labs at least) pale pink. And I mean very pale, so it is f*cking useless without a colour chart and very good eyes. It also turns colourless in solutions of pH greater than 12.
The Kastle-Meyer test shows the presence of blood; a dry swab or piece of filter paper is used to collect a sample, then a few drops of phenolphthalein dissolved in alcohol (due to its insolubility in water) is added, followed by a few drops of hydrogen peroxide - this mixture will turn pink in the presence of blood. If you've ever watched 5 seconds of CSI, you have seen someone doing this.
In the past phenolphthalein has been used as a laxative, but is no longer used due to fears that it is carcinogenic.
Person A - "I'm using phenolphthalein but I can't tell if the solution's acidic yet..."
Person B - "Just make up some results - it'll be more accurate."
by Zadok13 May 26, 2007
The original language, that is to say the language spoken by the people of its country of origin. As opposed to American English (aka 'Anglo-American') and worst of all Microsoft English (though there are a few others which vary from the original to a lesser extent).
The most notable change in the American variant of English is that it has hundreds of changes to spelling, mostly to make it more phonetic, though there are a few words which have been added or their definition changed.
Microsoft English is the language that Microsoft Word describes as 'English (UK)', and remains a mystery to us mortals. No-one knows what the f*ck it is, but it's certainly not quite the same as anything else. I really want some of whatever the programmers were smoking when they made Microsoft Word's spelling/grammar checker (emphasis on the grammar check).
Person A - "WTF?! Look at this grammar 'correction'!"
Person B - "Whoa! What's that all about? I wish MS would just use English English!"
by Zadok13 May 26, 2007
An exclamation of excitement/joy. Originating from 'Quake 3', it actually stands for 'We Owned (the) Other Team', though its meaning has slightly changed and is use has become more versatile.
Woot I got a lvl up!
by Zadok13 July 01, 2005
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